A Matter of Time

by Patricia Wake

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A love song to my favorite TV show, Doctor Who.


released November 22, 2013



Track Name: A Matter of Time
Can I ride it out, this terrible dream?
Can I let it out now, this unspeakable feeling?
You never used to believe anything was impossible
And I'll never believe you would ever give up on me
But in the night it's pulling me in again
And sometimes it's too easy to give in
Hard to hold on when you've lost what you lived for
Alone in the darkness with the wolf at your door

So I face that demon, that universal fear of falling
For the billion suns that burn when I hear you calling
And I look for their light in the stars and in the signs
It can only be a matter of time

Could I shut that door and leave it behind me?
Could I shut you out of mind, be safe in forgetting?
There's no life without fear, without you I'd be running blind
I'd be living in fear of running into that void in my memory
But in my dreams you're pulling me close again
Comfort in a shared desolation
A hand to hold onto while I cry for the loss and pain
And the promises there in the way that you say my name