Some That Came Before Others But After Some That Aren't Here Yet (Demo Album)

by Patricia Wake

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Zoe Dixon
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Zoe Dixon Gorgeously dark and just generally beautiful. Very highly recommended. Favorite track: Living in the Dark.
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released November 1, 2010

All songs written and performed by Patricia Wake



Track Name: It Smells Like Death in Here
It smells like death in here
In the back room of the underside
Where the bones are thrown and the cards are drawn and they say the end is near
It smells like death in here

My curse is the heat of eternal fire
A horror so beautiful to see
All fated to burn in this desire
My hell is not a pretty place to be
It smells like death in here

They made me out of the dark
Old magic of the left hand kind
With ice for flesh and fire for blood
And poison in my heart
They made me out of the dark
And it smells like death in here

I sleep in the Devil's bed
His black heart belongs to me
He gives me evil eyes and sweet sweet lies and his mark is on my head
Here in the Devil's bed
It smells like death in here
Track Name: A Matter of Time
Can I ride it out, this terrible dream?
Can I let it out now, this unspeakable feeling?
You never used to believe anything was impossible
And I'll never believe you would ever give up on me
But in the night, it's pulling me in again
And sometimes it's too easy to give in
Hard to hold on when you've lost what you lived for
Alone in the darkness, with the wolf at your door

So I face that demon, that universal fear of falling
For the billion suns that burn when I hear you calling
And I look for their light in the stars and in the signs
It can only be a matter of time

Could I shut that door and leave it behind me?
Could I shut you out of mind, be safe in forgetting?
There's no life without fear without you I'd be running blind
I'd be living in fear of running into that void in my memory
But in my dreams you're pulling me close again
Comfort in a shared desolation
A hand to hold onto while I cry for the loss and pain
And the promises there in the way that you say my name
Track Name: Living in the Dark
I've been living between the days
In the quiet hours when the city holds its breath
Before the traffic pulses like blood in the veins
of a newborn life already running to its death

I've been hiding in the shadows
In the quiet of the night I write these hopeless words
I fear the light of day, I fear the truth it shows
I fall asleep to the singing of the birds

If you come in here, don't turn the light on
You won't be here long enough, and there is nothing here to see
If you come in here, don't turn the light on
I don't mind the dark, I won't notice when you leave

I've been lighting candles at midnight
on the altar of my solitary muse
To find my way by this hungry little light
shining down every dead end road that I've pursued

I've been listening for the voice of inspiration
It whispers your name with every breath that leaves my mouth
I've been looking to the stars for consolation
Like me they wait in darkness to burn out
Track Name: Heat Death
Though you'd like to keep it closed and stable
Cold but never cold enough inside
Longing for a touch, it's elemental
The game is underway, the stakes are high

Energies exchanging, breath and blood borne
Still you'd like to think that you could choose
To measure out the effort in your favor
But you can't take more than you're prepared to lose

You stand on the edge of destruction
You move, so sure that you're good for the win
You hope that it all will even out
You should know that it does
Because entropy wins in the end

You wear each other down to strike the balance
'Til the cold should be enough to stop your heart
You think you might get out and cut your losses
But you'll only find yourself back at the start

Where you stand on the edge of destruction
You move, so sure that you're good for the win
You hope that it all won't come to nothing
But you know that it does
Because entropy wins in the end
Track Name: Exile
It's the longing murdering me nightly
But the love revives me though I fight my own heart to the death
All the answers escape and logic fails me
It takes the words off of my tongue, out of my breath until all I can say is


All this aching could be my soul departing
It wants to fly away to Mars, anywhere but here, anywhere you are
It's had enough of my misguided pride
It's taking off into the sun, maybe to burn but free to fly, it's singing


Now I'm roaming uncharted realms of Hell
Wondering what there'd be to gain if I still had a sould to sell
I could never resist looking backward
Though I know I lose you every time and only I am left to hear this

Track Name: Oh, The Arsenic!
Lie down, lie down, my love
Upon the sheet I've spread
And rest your weary head, and rest your weary head
Lie down, lie down, my love
For one last warm embrace
In our once happy bed, in our once happy bed

Oh, the arsenic
It takes it's hold so quick
That I must kiss you now or never more

Lie down, lie down, my love
Before the light is gone
And rest your weary bones, and rest your weary bones
Lie down, lie down, my love
This pain that troubles you
It will not last too long, it will not last too long

Lie down, lie down, my love
Never again to rise
And rest your weary eyes, and rest your weary eyes
Lie down, lie down, my love
And think you not of her
And I'll forgive your lies, and I'll forgive your lies
Track Name: Don't Look Down
I want to be someone you would have been proud to call your own
But I'm as stubborn as you are
And that is why both of us are alone
You think I'm insane to love you still after all of this time
And I think there may be some truth to that
But only 'cause you drove me out of my mind
You say you never loved me but I see more in your eyes than you'll ever admit
And I want it like a child wants the moon
But I know that I'll never have it

I want to grow wings and fly away into the sky
You know I am a coward, but if I can summon the courage I'll try
I want to grow wings and fly away and never look down
Because if I see you off in the distance, I'll lose my balance and I'll hit the ground

I want to be something you could believe in but I don't know how
But I said I was leaving so this is goodbye, do you believe me now?
You think that I'm crazy when I start talking about my new wings
You think it's my habit of drinking too much and saying silly things
But tomorrow I'll wake up somewhere far away from a dream where you're watching the girls in the bar
And looking for me out on the dancefloor, but I've flown away to dance in the stars
Track Name: Explanation
You wonder why they would abandon you
They just can't see the reasons why you do the things you feel you must
Even if you're abusing someone's trust

But you've got an explanation for everything you do
It''s no big revelation, you use what's tried and true and you'll untangle every knot in your justification

Manipulation comes so easily
Pushing their buttons happens naturally
Oh, they know that you're no safe bet
And what they see is never what they really get, is it?

Occasional cruelty is just one facet of your personality
It's only who you are,
a necessary part and parcel of your charm
Track Name: Little Heresies
Sure as the sun, sure as the moon will change
Sure as we've been wrong about so many things
Turn back the mission, there's no one to save
Call off the rescue, I've found my own way

These little heresies are mine
I am no child, I am not blind
I am not lost, no wandering soul
I know where I stand and where I will go

Short as the day, short as the years go
Short is the life lived in the shadow
If faith is the ladder, and grace is the net
Then I'm in no danger, but why can't you trust that?
Track Name: What We Are
Numberless ages we've journeyed through
Hearts in our hands on this road
Hundreds of faces I've known for you
Ageless, undying and true

We are different shades of the same color
Like all the world, but we are not like all the world
We fall from the sky, we fly through the night
We walk on the water, we dance on the wind
This is what we are, this is what we are

Years cannot touch these golden flames
Beacons eternal, our calling
Oceans between us remember our names
And love unpossessed by time